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ReadyKids’ Evidence-Based Program Results

Like all effective nonprofit organizations, ReadyKids regularly evaluates our impact on the community.

We collect data using a custom-built Performance Measurement System to measure not only the demographics and expenditures of our programs, but also their efficiency, quality and effectiveness. Using standardized tools like the Ages & Stages Questionnaire (ASQ®-3) and the Child and Adolescent Needs and Strengths (CANS), ReadyKids measures each participant’s progress toward quality early learning experiences and positive family relationships. Our data enables us to assess our programs and helps to inform future decisions around program adjustments and service enhancements.

Check out our most up-to-date metrics below.

Program Participation

  • In FY21, ReadyKids impacted 7,004 local kids, families and early childhood educators!

Short Term Outcomes

  • Young children experience improved quality of early care and education (FY21 – 57.9%)
  • Young children are better prepared to begin school (FY21 – 95.5%)
  • Children are safe from abuse and neglect (FY21 – 96.1%)
  • Parents and children experience improved, positive family interactions (FY21 – 84.3%)
  • Teens and children are more socially and emotionally healthy and relate well to others (FY21 – 88.8%)


Inside Out

Inside Out Counseling provides trauma counseling in-person and via telehealth to kids ages 2-18. Despite expanding the program last year, we continue to have a waitlist that keeps growing (note, the waitlist was as high as 74 in July 2021). As public schools reopen this fall, we anticipate a spike in referrals to the program as teachers and administrators have the opportunity to assess some children’s well-being in person for the first time in over 18 months. In FY21, the cost per beneficiary was $1,619.

Measurement FY2021 FY2020 FY2019
Totals 575 597 802
Counseling (primary victims) 250 248 270
Counseling (guardians) 210 218 226
Training 115 131 306

Teen Counseling Program

The Teen Counseling Program provides short-term intensive counseling services to teens and their families, both in-person and via tele-health. TCP continues to see an increase in the intensity and complexity of at-risk behaviors in teens and an increase in teens that identify as LBGTQ+. The 24/7 teen crisis hotline has also seen an increase in calls over the last 18 months. TCP had a temporary decrease in referrals when schools closed, but expects that will correct itself as they reopen in fall 2021. In FY21, the cost per beneficiary was $378.

Measurement FY2021 FY2020 FY2019
Totals 416 514 598
Crisis Hotline (calls) 165 146 204
Counseling (teens & guardians) 176 215 257
Teen Shelter 1 0 4
Direct Outreach 74 153 133

Early Learning

Family Coordination

Family Coordination provides books and connects private preschools with resources to supplement early education for eligible children during COVID. The number of families enrolled in the program increased due to more funding from the Virginia Early Childhood Foundation. This program will be discontinued in FY22 due to changes in programming and funding at the state-level. In FY21, the cost per beneficiary was $31.

Measurement FY2021 FY2020 FY2019
Totals 67 35 22
Children Served 34 18 11
Parents Served 33 17 11


ReadySteps provides virtual early learning playgroups in English and Spanish. To enhance the virtual model, the program provided educational kits with developmental toys and activities to participants and hosted a weekly parenting talk to discuss stress management, behavioral issues and parenting tips during COVID. Starting in September 2021, the program will provide in-person playgroups in three neighborhoods as well as a virtual playgroup. In FY21, the cost per beneficiary was $1,759.

Measurement FY2021 FY2019 FY2019
Totals 147 400 453
Children Served 65 117 158
Adults Served 56 111 143
Family Coordination 26 172 152

Growing Minds

Growing Minds provides quality improvement activities for child care providers including coaching, training, technical assistance, and crisis management. It continues to be provided in-person as well as virtually via phone, text and video calls. CDA classes have moved to a hybrid model to ensure child care providers can continue to meet accreditation requirements to graduate. In FY21, the cost per beneficiary was $379.

Measurement FY2021 FY2020 FY2019
Totals 5,351 6,101 6,014
Training 393 748 337
Technical Assistance 65 58 108
Coaching 705 419 502
Children Impacted 4,188 4,876 5,067


STAR Kids provides lessons that teach social/emotional development and problem solving skills. Enrollment fluctuates depending on local Head Start and Barrett Early Learning Center enrollment capacity. STAR Kids operated virtually over the last year and provided “pre-recorded” twice weekly lessons. Starting in October 2021, lessons will be taught in-person in the classroom. In FY21, the cost per participant was $445.

Measurement FY2021 FY2019 FY2019
Totals 195 262 280
Children Served 168 238 256
Providers Impacted 27 24 24

Family Support

Healthy Families

Healthy Families provides at-risk children age 0–5 and their mothers with comprehensive family supports through phone, text, video calls and limited in-person visits. The program continues to be offered in English and Spanish with high engagement and retention rates. We continue to partner with Child Health Partnership to provide virtual and limited in-person mental health counseling for mothers with depression, anxiety, and complex trauma history. The program had a temporary dip in referral sources due to COVID, and it received new funding to expand to Nelson County in FY22. In FY21, the cost per beneficiary was $2,495.

Measurement FY2021 FY2020 FY2019
Totals 177 233 235
Assessments (mothers) 12 19 22
Home Visiting (mothers) 52 70 75
Home Visiting (children) 90 103 100
Counseling (mothers) 23 41 38


REAL Dads provides fatherhood mentoring and support. The Charlottesville-Albemarle Regional Jail has suspended all in-house programming due to COVID. As a result, programming has shifted from a jail-based model to prioritize recently released fathers and fathers living in the community via phone, text and video calls. We are currently in discussions with the Jail to provide virtual programming in the future In FY21, the cost per beneficiary was $2,819.

Measurement FY2021 FY2020 FY2019
Totals 76 154 201
Fathers Served 16 41 46
Children Served 4 6 16
Children Impacted 56 107 139

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