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ReadyKids’ Evidence-Based Program Results

Like all effective nonprofit organizations, ReadyKids regularly evaluates our impact on the community.

We collect data using a custom-built Performance Measurement System to measure not only the demographics and expenditures of our programs, but also their efficiency, quality and effectiveness. Using standardized tools like the Ages & Stages Questionnaire (ASQ®-3) and the Child and Adolescent Needs and Strengths (CANS), ReadyKids measures each participant’s progress toward quality early learning experiences and positive family relationships. Our data enables us to assess our programs and helps to inform future decisions around program adjustments and service enhancements.

Check out our most up-to-date metrics below.

Program Participation

  • In FY23, ReadyKids impacted 4,445 local kids, families, and early childhood educators!

Short Term Outcomes

  • Young children experience improved quality of early care and education (FY23 – 100%)
  • Young children are better prepared to begin school (FY23 – 90%)
  • Children are safe from abuse and neglect (FY23 – 96%)
  • Parents and children experience improved, positive family interactions (FY23 – 97%)
  • Teens and children are more socially and emotionally healthy and relate well to others (FY23 – 91%)


Inside Out

Inside Out Counseling provides trauma counseling to kids ages 2-18. The number of referrals and individuals served remained strong as we addressed post-COVID burnout in caring professions, which led to turnover and hiring challenges. During this time of transition, we maximized our staff’s time in counseling rather than providing trainings. In FY23, the cost per beneficiary was $2,155.

Counseling (primary victims)228247250
Counseling (guardians)128183210

Teen Counseling Program

The Teen Counseling Program provides short-term intensive counseling services to teens and their families. TCP continues to see the number of referrals and the intensity and complexity of cases remaining steady. In
September 2022, we started a monthly Trans & Nonbinary Youth Activities Group, reaching 14 youth. As we refine our data collection, we changed the way we count hotline calls, resulting in a decrease in numbers.. In FY23, the cost per beneficiary was $744.

Crisis Hotline (calls)84209165
Counseling (teens & guardians)165129176
Teen Shelter101
Direct Outreach759074

Early Learning


ReadySteps provides early learning playgroups in various communities in Charlottesville and Albemarle. Starting in September 2023, the program provides playgroups in Southwood, Kindlewood (formerly Friendship Court), Greenstone on 5th, City of Promise, and Church of the Incarnation. In FY23, the cost per beneficiary was $1,193.

Children Served796265
Adults Served717056

Growing Minds

Growing Minds provides quality improvement activities for early childhood providers, including coaching, training, technical assistance, and consultation. In response to grant restrictions, the program underwent changes that narrowed its participant reach, shifting focus to primarily conducting observations. With these changes came a decline in total number of people reached and a focus on providing programmatic services to centers and family day homes that only take subsidies. Moving forward, Growing Minds is no longer conducting observations, so we can return to providing more relationship-based services. In FY23, the cost per beneficiary was $953.

Technical Assistance513665
Children Impacted1,7883,8124,188


STAR Kids provides lessons to preschoolers that teach social-emotional development and problem-solving skills. Program enrollment fluctuates depending on local Head Start and Barrett Early Learning Center enrollment capacity. In 2022, a classroom was added, increasing the number of kids and educators served. In FY23, the cost per participant was $346.

Children Served226201168
Providers Impacted242227

Family Support

Healthy Families

Healthy Families provides children ages 0–5 and their caregivers with comprehensive family support through home visits. Programming is offered in English, Spanish, Dari, and Pashto. We have seen an increase in assessments and referrals, and our program is almost at capacity. We continue to partner with Child Health Partnership to provide in-home mental health counseling for parents with depression, anxiety, and a complex trauma history. In FY23, the cost per beneficiary was $2,519.

Assessments (mothers)532712
Home Visiting (mothers)775152
Home Visiting (children)14114090
Counseling (mothers)303023


REAL Dads provides coaching to fathers who want to build strong, secure relationships with their families. The program continues to adapt to our community’s needs and sees steady growth. In addition to continuing
community-based mentoring and coaching, we were able to attend more outreach events and increase our engagement with the community. In FY23, the cost per beneficiary was $2,330.

Fathers Served241716
Children Served1194
Children Impacted816256

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