Our Staff & Board

Contact information for our staff and board.

General email: [email protected]

Phone: (434) 296-4118
Fax: (434) 295-2638

Address: 1000 East High Street, Charlottesville, VA 22902


ReadyKids Staff Contact Information

Jacki Bryant, LPC, Executive Director
Melissa Cohen, LCSW, Deputy Executive Director, ext. 234
Ashley Branch, Office Manager, ext. 200
Laura Tomaine, Senior HR Manager, ext. 244

Equity Staff

Celina Adams, Internal Equity Analyst, ext. 257
Shaniece Bradford, Director of Community Engagement, ext. 264

Finance Staff

Bill Barefoot, Director of Finance and Operations, ext. 247
Brianne Anderson, Senior Finance and IT Manager, ext. 237
Ashley Branch, Finance Specialist, ext. 200

Philanthropy Staff

Diana Cole Connolly, Director of Philanthropy, ext. 265
Sakeena Alkateeb, Philanthropy Manager, ext. 235
Eileen Barber, Communications Specialist, ext. 233

Early Learning Staff (ReadySteps, STAR Kids, & Growing Minds)

Shannon Banks, Director of Early Learning, ext. 238
Margot Pleasants, ReadySteps Program Supervisor, ext. 271
Neisha Allen, ReadySteps Early Education Specialist, ext. 241
Maria Stein, STAR Kids Supervisor & Lead Social Emotional Specialist, ext. 239
Jessica Turner, Social Emotional Specialist, ext. 226
Jamie Morris, Infant-Toddler Specialist, ext. 256
Mariel Lewis, Infant-Toddler Specialist, ext. 236
Dominique Minor, Growing Minds Early Learning Specialist, ext. 261
Amy Stetler David, Growing Minds Early Learning Specialist, ext. 245
Spogmay Mohammad, ReadySteps Early Education Specialist, ext. 252

Family Support Staff (Healthy Families & REAL Dads)

Sarah Carter, M.A., Director of Family Support, ext. 229
Eddie Harris, Senior REAL Dads Educator, ext. 227
Shannon O’Neill, M.S., Senior Healthy Families Supervisor, ext. 253
Emma Bramer, Family Support Worker, ext. 254
Rebecca Mays, Family Support Worker , ext. 255
Narges M. Nasim, Family Support Worker, ext. 223
Estefania Uribe, Family Support Worker, ext. 246
Sharon Taylor, M.Ed., Senior Family Support Counselor, ext. 232
Olivia Bellefleur, Family Resource and Outreach Specialist, ext. 262

Youth Counseling Staff (Teen Counseling & Inside Out)

Ashley Wood, LCSW, Director of Counseling, ext. 273
Celina Adams, Youth Counseling Program Coordinator, ext. 223
Emily Loranger, LCSW, Inside Out Program and Clinical Supervisor, ext. 259
Lauren Ernst, MSW, Teen Counselor, ext. 258
Jordan Leahy, LPC, Senior Teen Counselor, ext. 250
Mira Levine, LCSW, Senior Counselor, ext. 277
Dave Lewis, LCSW, Counseling Program and Clinical Supervisor, ext. 266
Allie Roth, M.Ed., NCC, Lead Counselor, ext. 225
Sarah Webber, MSW, Counselor, ext. 274

Juliana Weaver, Clinical Intern, ext. 268

24-Hour Teen Hotline
972-7233 (972-SAFE)

Supervision for Interns, Residents, and Supervisees

Jacki Bryant, Lic#0701001626 supervises Allie Roth, M.Ed.
Ashley Wood, Lic#0904009278 supervises Sarah Webber, MSW



Andrea Ayres

Vice President

Mike Chinn


Louis Citron


Christine McNeely

Board Members

  • Elaine Bailey
  • Dr. Irtefa Binte-Farid
  • John ‘deK’ Bowen
  • Polly Clark
  • Patricia Colby
  • Mary Coleman
  • Jas Heim
  • Michael Mason
  • Kevin McDonald
  • Whitmore Merrick
  • Natalia Palacios
  • Laura Roller
  • Pamela Sorenson
  • Charlsie Stratton
  • Sarah Yeung

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