Inside Out: Trauma-Informed Resources

InsideOut Counseling specializes in having the most up-to-date trauma informed resources for children in the Charlottesville area.  Much of the mental health community’s knowledge about Post Traumatic Stress Disorder is based on studies of adults. However, new scientific discoveries are showing that traumatic events can have a profound impact on the developing brains of children.  We know that a significant number of children in and around Charlottesville are exposed to traumatic life events. A traumatic event is one that threatens injury, death, or the physical integrity of self or others and also causes horror, terror, or helplessness at the time it occurs.  More than two thirds of children report experiencing a traumatic event by age 16.  As the intersection of children and trauma continues to be researched, the trauma counselors at ReadyKids suggest parents and caregivers refer to these trauma informed resources.

3 Ways Inside Out Counselors Treat Trauma

There is no “magic wand” to heal children from trauma. Likewise, recovering from trauma isn’t a “one size fits all” treatment.  Much like a doctor studies a patient’s symptoms to narrow down a specific diagnosis and treatment, the InsideOut counselors hone their assessment skills to know what interventions will work for each child on their caseload.  But they don’t do it through asking questions or waiting for the child to tell them what happened, they use play. Read to find out more.

ACES Too High

The term “ACEs” is an acronym for Adverse Childhood Experiences. Recent science shows that certain childhood experiences affect a child’s healthy development.  Research about Adverse Childhood Experiences, including developments in epidemiology, neurobiology, and the biomedical and epigenetic consequence of toxic stress.

Administration for Children and Families from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services 

Resources that help caregivers and families understand trauma and its impact, as well as learn how to better support traumatized children and youth in their care.

Aha! Parenting

Parenting resources based on emotional regulation and connection, categorized by developmental ages and stages.

The Child Mind Institute

Free, multilingual downloads of Child Mind Institute resources to help communities in the wake of tragic events.

The National Child Traumatic Stress Network

Parents and caregivers play an essential role in helping children and teenagers recover from traumatic events. These resources are for parents, adoptive parents, foster parents, grandparents, caregivers, and all others who care for children and teens.

Trauma, Brain & Relationships: Helping Children Heal

A video featuring short clips and examples that show how healing can happen through connection.

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