Star Kids

STAR Kids participantsSTAR Kids teaches preschool-age kids to develop self-regulation and problem solving skills to make healthy choices and avoid risky behaviors.

Do you want to?

  • Support social emotional learning in your classroom?
  • Provide kids with concrete tools and strategies they can use to successfully navigate their classroom community?
  • Build a foundation to support kids in their ability to make safe and healthy choices both now and throughout their lifetime?

Who can participate:

  • This program is currently offered through MACAA Head Start preschool classes and several child care centers in Charlottesville and the surrounding area.

What to expect from STAR Kids:

  • Our Educators use the “Al’s Pals- Kids Making Healthy Choices” curriculum, travelling to each classroom to teach 15 to 30-minute lessons twice a week throughout the school year.
  • Our Educators facilitate the lesson with support from classroom teachers. Teachers continue to work with children on the concepts taught throughout the school year.
  • Our Educators support ongoing learning by partnering with teachers to reinforce the key concepts in their classroom to support an environment of empathy, cooperation, respect and responsibility.
  • Parents receive letters from the program throughout the year discussing the skills their child is learning. These communications also suggest activities to do at home!

Next steps:

  • Contact us to learn more about collaborating with the STAR Kids program!

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