Pandemic Resources for Parents

Unprecedented.  Isolated.  Exhausted.  There are so many words to describe the experience of parenting during this pandemic.  At ReadyKids, we see you.  We know how hard this is, and we wish we could be physically along side you to help you through these long days.  Instead, we offer the next best thing.  Virtual support.

We have broken down activities and support by the age of the child, in addition to offering general parenting support below.  Community resources such as food, assistance paying bills or health support can be found through Charlottesville Community CARES “Who is Doing What to Help Us Cope“, PACEM’s “Street Sheets” or the ReadyKids Coronavirus Resources page.  Check out these pandemic resources for parents in the Charlottesville area.

General, Quick Parenting Support
pandemic parenting advice - lower expectations
pandemic parenting advice - calm yourself
pandemic parenting advice - support emotions
pandemic parenting advice - create routine
pandemic parenting advice - tell stories
pandemic parenting advice - add fun


It would be remiss of us not to address the dynamics most families are now facing at home.

Before the pandemic, child welfare experts knew that isolation, stress and financial uncertainty were all contributing factors to child abuse.  Now, nearly every family in America is experiencing all three of these. It’s a perfect storm.

Even the calmest parents and caregivers are struggling.  You’re not alone.

Click here to find resources to handle child temper tantrums in safe ways.


We are hearing from many families about how hard it is to be isolated together.

There continues to be grief over all of the things lost – school, special events, time with friends and family.  Yet, the prospect of coming out of quarantine carries mixed emotions for many families as well, with continued concerns about health and safety.

In the midst of such stress, behavioral issues with kids of all ages are being reported to us.

Click here to read about what our counselors have to offer to help understand your child’s behavior right now.

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