6 Feb ReadyKids Celebrates a Successful Capital Campaign

ReadyKids Capital Campaign and Building Expansion

ReadyKids Celebrates a Successful Capital Campaign

ReadyKids Capital Campaign and Building Expansion
On Thursday, January 30, we marked the completion of our $2 million dollar Capital Campaign and building expansion with a joyful Open House celebration.

Over 150 people attended the Open House, including many of the 200 local donors who made the building expansion possible.

During remarks, former Board President Rich Schragger commented on what the building expansion means to ReadyKids and the children and families of Charlottesville.

“What’s fabulous about this building is that it expands the capacity to do the work we do,” said Schragger. “It’s incredibly important work that you cannot do wholesale, it’s retail. One kid at a time, one therapy session at a time, one training at a time.”

Room to Grow

From 2012 to 2019, ReadyKids more than doubled the number of kids, families and early childhood educators we work with from 4,204 to 9,152. However, we knew there were more kids that needed the critical counseling, family support and early childhood improvement opportunities we provide. To reach the kids that need ReadyKids most, increasing building capacity was a critical next step.

The 13,000-square-foot expanded building at 1000 E. High St. allows ReadyKids to address the growing demand for programming. The improved space includes new individual and team offices, a larger waiting room, a new community training room that sits 75 and space for future expansion.
Crowded waiting room at ReadyKids Open House
“This is the first time in a very long time that the people who are guests who come to this building can actually fit in the space we have for them,” said ReadyKids Executive Director Jacki Bryant. “We’ve had people being crowded and sitting on the floor and hanging out in the entryway. In this space, they don’t have to do that anymore.”

Natural Expansion

Bryant also commented on how Governor Northam’s new budget proposes more money for Early Childhood, and several other funding sources have allowed ReadyKids to expand naturally.

“We had two funding sources come through that wanted to help us eliminate our counseling waiting list. We could only accept those dollars because this space was here for us to be able to do that,” said Bryant.

ReadyKids’ 53 staff members will now have more capacity to meet local demand for no-cost support programs that improve the lives of children thanks to the generosity of our Board and donors.

“We are so proud to find ourselves as an organization that is worthy of your support,” said Bryant. “We will work every day for this community, and for you who have the confidence in us to make it happen.”

None of this would have been possible without community members like you. We are grateful. Thank you.

Map of the upstairs of the ReadyKids building

Take a look at this map of the upstairs of our building, showing off the new areas and how they benefit ReadyKids’ expanded programming.

Map of the downstairs of the ReadyKids building

Downstairs even more programs benefit from more office space and training areas.

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