6 Nov Reduce, Reuse, Recycle for tomorrow’s kids!

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle for tomorrow’s kids!

Any experienced parent or early childhood educator knows that the best toys aren’t toys at all. The best toys are average household objects. Keys, cardboard boxes, television remotes are all far more interesting to kids for their play possibilities than the toys in their room.

The same can be said for our fall appeal envelope! The envelope is 100% recyclable as a #5 plastic. But before you recycle it, upcycle for some at home fun with kids. You can do this craft right now with nothing more than a picture and permanent marker. Reimagining a family photo is great for expanding thinking skills. Drawing also helps to develop fine motor skills, and removing and realigning the family photo within the envelope improves visual motor integration.

Drawing on an envelope may look like a silly, easy thing to do. But sometimes it’s the silliest, easiest things that we remember the most.

upcycle plastic envelopes

Remove letter from envelope, return donation, put family photo in envelope

use permanent marker to draw silly accessories on family photo

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