11 Sep The Cutest Goodbye

The Cutest Goodbye

In a staff meeting last week, all 50 of ReadyKids employees gathered in a conference room on swively office chairs to share stories of successes and struggles.  Photos of small children wearing backpacks as big as their bodies and beaming smiles appeared on a glowing screen.

The pictures were children who had completed the ReadySteps program and were headed to Kindergarten.  ReadySteps encourages parents as a child’s first and best teacher through early learning playgroups within their home community.

Last year ReadySteps helped 20 to 25 families register for school in Charlottesville City and Albemarle County. To help families with this process, the ReadySteps staff wrote letters of support, assisted parents with paperwork, and connected families to free medical and dental resources. Additionally, through participation in ReadySteps playgroups, these children learned key socialization skills, a routine, new songs and were exposed to new books. Caregivers learned how to support their child’s learning through play. Caregivers also gained confidence in understanding their child’s developmental milestones, which helped parents have more realistic expectations for their child.

Sending a child off to kindergarten is a bittersweet milestone.  ReadySteps walks with parents along that journey so their kids are ready to learn.


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