8 May What Moms Really Want for Mother’s Day

What Moms Really Want for Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is on Sunday. Do you have a Mother’s Day gift? This is your chance to show your Mom or partner how much you appreciate her work as a parent!

What gift or gesture can possibly show how much you appreciate her? Hint, probably not flowers. A recent survey from Retail Me Not, showed that only 28 percent of mothers wanted flowers. So what do moms want?

Lucky for you, our Family Support Workers from our Healthy Families program are offering their best advice. The Healthy Families program at ReadyKids fosters nurturing family relationships for pregnant moms and safe environments for young children. Last year they helped over 74 moms adjust to the role of motherhood.

In terms of experts on motherhood and child-rearing, they know their stuff! Here are their top three Mother’s Day gift suggestions from years of experience working with new moms.

  1. A meal they don’t have to shop for, make or clean up
    • “Moms all need a little down time, when they can be themselves without their mom hat on. Having a meal prepared for them is a wonderful gift. Extra points for cleaning up afterwards!” – Sharon Taylor
  2. Help with the Kids
    • “They want more help with the kids. Even watching the kids while she grocery shops can help a mom feel appreciated. It also helps you to know exactly how exhausting childcare is and to value her hard work.” – Becca Mays
  3. Time for self-care
    • “A day of self care! It doesn’t have to be expensive. Allow mom to take a walk around outside for a while by herself, or allow her to catch up on some much needed sleep.” – Samira Khairkawa

Looking for a tangible, last-minute Mother’s Day gift? You can always donate to ReadyKids in her name! A Mother’s Day donation comes with a free card and coloring sheet the kids can give mom, and helps reach other mothers in the Charlottesville area who might not otherwise have support.

This Mother’s Day our Family Support Workers gifted every mom in the Healthy Families program a gift bag of hand lotion, chap stick, nail polish, chocolate and a craft to do with their kids. We wanted to make sure that every Mom felt appreciated on Mother’s Day, even if there wasn’t someone in their life to celebrate them. ReadyKids can’t support these Moms without generous donations from people like you!

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