The ReadyKids Culture

ReadyKids will be the best job you’ll ever love!

Jobs at ReadyKids have all of characteristics of a satisfying career.  Not only will your work at ReadyKids benefit other people, you will be engaged with interesting and complex social issues, and you will feel valued by our administration and board.  Meaningful collaboration happens between staff members and with community partners.  And, depending on your position, there is flexibility in how and when you work.  But don’t take our word for it, read the testimonials from former and current employees below.

Testimonials from ReadyKids Employees

“ReadyKids is by far the best job I've ever had! The staff, the work culture, everything about the organization is pretty dope. They really encourage growth in all areas and they give their staff the space to do so. Even as I move on in my career, this organization will go down as one of the best! I will always carry my experience close to my heart and share it with the world, so that others may think of things just a little bit differently.”

– Erica Gaines, 2022

“ReadyKids provides a supportive and flexible working environment where you are given the responsibility and autonomy to be a professional!”

– Jennifer Fry, 2022

“ReadyKids is an agency of dedicated employees who work hard, care deeply about children and families, seek excellence, and are constantly learning about the communities they serve so they can provide meaningful partnerships. The leadership is responsive and thoughtful, and staff are supported and appreciated. A great place to work and grow.”

– Gail Esterman, 2022

“I truly enjoyed working for Ready Kids and I wished my life circumstances would not have changed so that I could continue working with Ready Kids. Administration does a great job of truly listening to the needs of their staff. Supervisors are flexible and trust their employees to do their job. Ready Kids goes above and beyond to treat their staff with dignity and respect and serve the community.”

– Paloma Saucedo, 2022

“ReadyKids is a wonderful organization to work for, they truly care about their employees. The culture at ReadyKids is one of trust, support and flexibility. I have worked with some of the best people while working here!”

– Kellie Alarcon, 2022

“ReadyKids is a beautiful family that greets everyone with warm open arms. Everyone you encounter will be there to support you, listen to you, and grow with you. ReadyKids works hard to value all those around and promotes equity in every aspect of their services. ReadyKids goes the extra mile to equip its employees with the ability to gain knowledge that prepares them to serve those in need. I have learned so much during my time at ReadyKids and I will carry the knowledge and skills with me forever.”

– Asiah Williams, 2022

What creates our positive work culture?  Our mission, vision and values!


ReadyKids promotes kids’ well-being through counseling, family support, and early learning opportunities.


Every child is learning, healthy, and safe.



We take the time to nurture relationships. We share our thoughts and feelings directly while remembering others have thoughts and feelings too. We celebrate diversity in all its forms.


We choose to be part of the solution. We recognize that together we can have a greater impact than any of us can have alone.


We are steady while thoughtfully changing when change is needed. We recognize that one way does not work for everyone and stay flexible in our approach and thinking.


We inspire success in ourselves and others. We exemplify leadership in all we do. We hold ourselves to the highest standards in order to have a meaningful impact on our community.


Each one of us commits to individual growth, self-care, and accountability to ensure the health and well-being of the entire organization.

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